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When we learn of sources for "non-magical" items used in specific routines,
we'll add them to this page. If you know of some, please let us know.
Also, if you sell the routine, we'll add a link to the first submitter's-site.

as performed by Elton Kelly - Purchase: DOMINO-ROUTINE

Can use any set-of-domino; however,
we recommend "Mini-dominos"
 with 3-contestants and a
different-color for each contestant.

4-colors/sets available

Contestants each races to complete a "domino-chain" - each contestant then-discovers:

● Their chain has different "ending-numbers" - than the any other contestants'
Magician has placed two (2) "prediction-cards" in front of each contestant
 - correctly predicting their "unique ending-numbers"

Can be used as a "Challenge" with magician "pre-predicting" the outcome
and the contestant attempting to (un-successfully) have different ending-numbers.

Great Big Stuff
(Oversized items)
Available Available Available Available

 Also see: Store  Books • DVDs • Supplies

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