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071022 Review of Spreadwave

Website ( states: "Show a blank deck of cards, ask someone to call for a card. Spread the cards ... The named card is now printed across on the spread ! No Force - Easy to learn - Easy to perform. Step-by-step video instructions - FISM handling included. Specially Printed deck of cards + CD Rom for Mac & PC". It does not mention the following restriction on the CD: "Worldwide television Rights reserved. Spreadwave's broadcast rights, including Internet, television, video, or any other medium known or to be invented. shall be reserved by Mathieu Bich. Only written consent from Mathieu Bich authorizes permission for broadcast." . Two (2) purchase-options are offered: $42 (US) for "Spreadwave-deck and CD-Rom" (Instructions), or, $65 (US) for "COMBO : Spreadwave deck (+CDRom)+ Matching Regular Blank deck and case"; it does not mention why you might want the "Blank deck, nor, show the case.

We purchased (and are reviewing) the deck-and-CD version from a dealer and were unaware of the other version.

REVIEW: The CD begins with an explanation of how to re-arrange the cards to the-order-in-which they are to be used; why not ship them that way? It then informs us that the trick does not work if the "someone" selects an Ace; why not share this information? As an additional variation, it suggests you get a blank-card to create a "colon; why not include one? And then says you can reveal an Ace by marking-the-back of 3-cards (pen?) to create "A", "C" and "E"; why not print these on every deck?

All instructions are in English-text (not spoken), with music playing in the background. It says CD Rom, but, plays like a DVD. Photos could be larger and brighter, but, fully explain all required moves. Re-setting requires some "private-time". It constantly reminds left-handed viewers of the required adjustments.

Moves are not difficult, but, are complex and precise. Spreadwave is very do-able by any proficient, performing-magician. The quality of the cards suggest that - with care - they will be useful for a reasonable number of performances.

All the above being said, we strongly recommend "Spreadwave" as a close-up and table-hopping performance card-trick. It won FISM because it deserved to - it will totally mystify your audience. In fact, you might want to carry several packs so you can eliminate the time to re-set and be able to work this from table-to-table.


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