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REVIEWS of: Events and Products

  • Inventors, Magicians, Manufacturers, Patent-holders, Performers, Retailers and Wholesalers, Magic4Us will have your product and/or routine evaluated by a magician of your "recommended skill-level". Further, we always attempt to word the results without disclosing the "magic" involved.

  • Please contact us prior to sending item/information. If we purchase the item, our results are published and then communicated to the manufacturer; if submitted, we allow the submitter the opportunity to preview our review and make comments - which we will consider. If, after publication, the manufacturer makes improvements, or, points-out an error or omission, we will reflect this in an update. Our goal is to assist buyers to make informed decisions, and, sellers to offer what the buyers believe they are purchasing.

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From Daryl's "Essentials in Magic" DVD-series -  SPONGE BALLS: $9.95

We're told "you'll learn: Passe Passe Sponge; Concealments; Producing the Ball; Sawing a Ball in Two - Poi Yung Chong; Passes and Vanishes; Retention Passes; Ball to Spectator's Hand; Routines
And much, much more!" What a modest understatement! It shows and explains 100's of great tips.

I've performed sponge-magic for years and carry some for those"show me" occasions; but Daryl's clear, thoughtful and well performed explanations immediately had me practicing what he was showing.

Offered as an introduction to sponge. it is sincerely recommended for beginners and seasoned-performers as well!  Available at - and, under #10-
Terry Harris operates the "Old Magic Props" website
as a consignment-site for magicians and collectors
to buy and sell "investment-quality magic".
He personally steps-in and resolves any disagreements.

I've personally experienced his promptness and fairness in this resolution-process and
highly recommend Terry and his site to other magicians and collectors.

"Problema-Deluxe" - by: Viking Manufacturing Company & Collectors Workshop
02.05.07: Highly recommended ... Best-quality and complete; quick re-set for second-result.

Performer shows a beautiful Rosewood box containing 6 black dice - arranged as shown. Box is closed; spectator is given a die and a shot glass; after shaking the die/glass, tosses the die onto the box-lid. Whatever number comes up, each/all-of-the-other dice in the box will now match." Can now be inspected.
"Magnetic Thinking Putty" (Like Silly-Putty) ...
a product in need of a magical-presentation - invite us to review if you develop one
(click video to watch and purchase)



Great Big Ol' Book-O-Magic - submitted by Mac & Bill King
080217: Highly recommended ... Mac's magic, Bill's illustrations (cousins),
and production-quality are tops! At only $14.99, it is a "must-have"
for everyone learning and interested in magic -
you'll feel guilty for not paying more!

"A complete magic kit in a book - Over 50 incredible and incredibly easy-to-learn.
By using the amazing
punch-out props in this book and a few household items you'll be able to perform
dozens of awesome
magic tricks for kids 8-88. Including:
    Two card Transposition
    Giddy Up Pup
    Folding Money
    Voodoo that You do
    Exploding Monkey Head
    3-D Monkey in a Cage
    Find the Banana
    Number 9 Number 9
And many more mind-blowing tricks -
Includes a DVD with Live-Action Video Instructions!"
"Harry Potter Wizarding Ideas" - Lecture Notes by Tommy Jones
03.12.07: Highly recommended to "theme" your performance for Harry Potter fans

This is a collection of ideas was presented at a special workshop at the Society of American Magicians Convention in Louisville, KY in 2006 and also at the KidAbra Convention. It contains effects and presentation tips for tying in to a Harry Potter themed magic show - A must for the children's performer.
Photo-Pictorial ... Stan Kramien's,  20th Northwest Magic Jamboree ... Recommend 2008

Other Pictorials by

If you want your magical-event to appear on our Photo-pages, CONTACT US. This is a great way to have your attendees "re-live" their great-time, and, to let the non-attendees see what they missed ... helps future sales-efforts !!!
"Entourage" - by Gordon Bean
05.22.07: Highly recommended as pocket and close-up magic

Spectator names one-of-the-Queens (no force) and then takes three-of-the-four "upside-down" cards (no force). The remaining card (which the spectator has been holding) is the named-Queen ... AND, the other three-cards have turned into Jokers.

We emailed a suggestion to Mr. Bean that he consider offering this in "Jumbo-cards" version
"Deluxe Gopher" - Reaching-tool
05.30.07: Recommended - as seen on TV

For the magician who is unable to bend - due to age and/or disability. This tool bends for carrying and will pick-up almost anything - including playing-cards, silks and coins. Imagine no-longer being embarrassed when something drops.
"Balloon School" - by Joe Montella
05.30.07: Recommended for beginning balloon sculpture

4-hour DVD will leave you exhausted and interested in beginning to do balloons. Not for the balloonist looking for advanced sculpturing. A Penguin Magic production with occasional problems - Joe's hands and/or balloon will be "out-of-frame".
Street Magic Magazine - John L. Clark, Editor-in-Chief
06.20.07: Recommended for magicians - whether "street" or "Stage"

Well written and informative; glossy-printed, quality production.
June/July, 2007 issue is 100-pages and includes: reviews, articles,
interviews, contests and product-information
"SPREADWAVE" - by Mathieu Bich - FISM Invention Award in 2006

Recommended to confident close-up magicians
The Mystics DVD - The Long Beach Mystics
080318: Recommended - entertaining, informative and well-produced - 54-minutes; $20-

The Mystics:  A 50 Year Legacy chronicles the existence of the famous magic club from Long Beach that never grew up. Features interviews and performances with many LB Mystics legends such as: Mike Caveney, Mark Kalin, Armando Lucero,  Kevin James, Dana Daniels, Bill Smith, Randy Pryor, James Hamilton, Victor and Diamond, Michael Weber, Stan Allen, David Deeble and Les Arnold. Also, a moment with Amazing Johnathan and a never-before-seen 2004 interview with the Late Billy McComb."
"FORCED" - submitted by Joe Fox & Brent Geris
071025: Recommended as a Packet-trick - uses the 10/11 force-concept to reveal a prediction-card

11-cards, gimmick-card, card-packet and 5-pages of comprehensive instructions; reasonably priced ($12.95)
- presented by - and available at - The Magic Apple
071214: Not recommended - gimmick's glue does not hold
"Elite CardGuard" (Exclusive Silver Edition) - by Murphy's Magic Supplies
"Sleek and classy with a beautiful design. The Elite Card Guard is made from durable aluminum and offers the best protection for your cards."

080204: Not recommended - made of aluminum and bends/dents from normal use.
Also, if carrying in pocket - without card box - there is an annoying/loud "clatter".

Better solutions are the stainless-steel card-guards by Viking and Porper
Flash Appearing Utility Table - by Sunil Batra
080215: Not recommended - we purchased 2-tables last-month and used for first-show yesterday; elastic-in-core broke on one-table. Wells are adequate for coins, but, not large enough for eggs or sponge-balls. Considerable difficulty getting legs stay firmly-extended to support/steady the table.
Great idea but poor quality ... Update-080216: manufacturer is reviewing materials to determine if future-products will show improved-results.

Table - almost 3'-high and 5"x12"(top); springs into view;
metal-stand with working table top, 2-wells with tassels.


Fantastic !!!
(May need to click the image-at-right several times)




Shawn Faquhar's, "Shape of my heart" - moved to OnLineVideo
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