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Stan Allen writes: “I would like to use the balance of this page for a news item that we couldn’t squeeze into our ‘Update’ section this month. This particular story comes about as close as you can to “they all lived happily ever after…”

Doing the Right Thing … by Shawn McMaster
In a world where unscrupulous magic dealers knowingly sell ripped-off ideas to an unsuspecting public, or construct and sell major illusions without the inventors’ permission, Theory 11 has stepped out to show just how easy it is to do the right thing. Shortly after the release of Digital Dissolve, an effect where one coin visibly turns into another, talk and accusations began to surface that the trick idea had been stolen from Steve Dusheck. Word was that Steve invented it and originally marketed the effect under the name Copper/Silver Transposition.

Theory 11 CEO Jonathan Bayme reports that as soon as they confirmed that they had made a serious mistake in crediting on the DVD, they pulled the product and began negotiations with Dusheck, offering him royalties retroactive to the first DVD sold. They are re-shooting footage for the next pressing of the DVD and have changed the artwork on the case to include Dusheck’s name. Bayme also says that Theory 11 re-mastered Dusheck’s original 1963 manuscript of Copper/Silver Transposition with all new images and revised text, and sent it out via email to all past purchasers of Digital Dissolve. He says it will also be available from this point on by secure download with each purchase of the DVD. All details of the resolution, including statements from both Dusheck and Bayme, are posted on Theory 11’s website.

Quoted with permission of Stan Allen, Owner and Publisher

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